North Florida Diving

North Florida Diving

Professional, honest underwater services

We are headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, and serve Florida & surrounding states!

​Our team consists of lifelong divers with many certifications. Our professional skill-sets, including technical and commercial diving, has led to a wide variety of experiences. From black water diving in hazardous conditions, to post-hurricane debris removal in low-visibility conditions. Our teams' high level of training equips us to successfully complete any job we accept. We offer exceptional customer service and top quality work. 

Dock Piling Wraps and Dock Repairs
Pile wraps protect against damage from burrowing marine organisms and wood decay. It can extend the life of your piles 30+ years and adds aesthetic appeal.

Marine Salvage
Using lifting equipment, we salvage and/or remove sunken items such as boats, cars or trucks, barges, aircraft, etc.

Vessel Hull Cleaning and Maintenance
Including zinc monitoring and replacement, and prop pulls. Additional, flexible cleaning schedules and rates may be accommodated based on vessel type, size, condition, and location. Rates may be subject to change with season and growth.

Other Services
Call or email us today to find out if we offer the service you need!

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