High Bluff Coastal Hiking Trail in Tate’s Hell

High Bluff Coastal Hiking Trail in Tate’s Hell

The High Bluff Coastal Hiking Trail is the first recreational hiking trail in Tate’s Hell State Forest.  The trail features the coastal scrub habitat that is unique to the Gulf coastline of the panhandle.

The coastal scrub habitat exist on old sand dunes that have been taken over by plants, small oaks and woody shrubs, and isolated groups of sand pines.  Tate’s Hell has approximately 714 acres of coastal scrub.

The hiking trail also leads through the flatwoods habitat.  These areas are at the lower elevations where the scrub diminishes.  The flatwoods are characterized by greater density of palmettos, more mesic woody shrubs, slash and longleaf pine over story.  Mile markers on map are matched with markers on trail.  (Example:  Hiker passes mile marker four on trail.  Hiker matches location with mile marker four on map.  This is hiker’s exact location.) Hiking the High Bluff Coastal Trail fulfills the Trailwalker requirement.

Hiking trails are marked with orange, blue and red paint blazes:  Double blazes indicate a turn in the trail.  Wear comfortable walking/hiking shoes; carry snacks and plenty of water.  Walking 1 mile at an average pace takes about 20 minutes.  Therefore, it would take about 1 hour to complete 3 miles.  Use caution during hunting season.

Please protect the resources!  Stay on Marked routes.  Areas off trail may be sensitive.  Carry out litter.  Leave gates as found, open or closed.  Camps and fires only where designated. Persons not obeying rules are subject to prosecution under Florida Statues.

In an effort to restore native ecosystems on Tate’s Hell State Forest, the Florida Forest Service may conduct prescribed burns that will be within the trail system.  Every effort will be made to keep the trail quality intact.  Visitors can use this opportunity to witness the regeneration that fire in Florida’s ecosystems brings about.

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