Cape St. George State Reserve

Cape St. George State Reserve

If you are looking for remote along Florida’s coast, Little St. George Island lies just to the west of St. George Island in Apalachicola Bay and has over 9 miles of undeveloped beach and several miles of trails and provides visitors with unique Florida wildness experiences. Those seeking adventures in this coastal island will be able to explore one of the remnants of Florida’s original barrier island landscapes still untouched by development. 

The island is only accessible by boatPrimitive camping is allowed, but you'll need to contact the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve (850-670-7700).

The Marshall House on Little St. George Island is an iconic representation of the area's cultural history. Five interpretive displays at the site describe the history of the Marshall House, the island, and the lighthouse and take visitors on a walk through time as they visit the field station.

The Marshall House was erected in the 1940’s by the Marshall-Porter family when they resided on the island and tended the now fallen Cape St. George Lighthouse. The State of Florida acquired the island in 1977. The island currently serves as a base of operations for ANERR staff for research, stewardship and education.

Additional information on the ecology, management, and logistics of navigating the island is available for visitors across the island in four kiosks, informational brochures, trailhead maps and road signage.

Little St. George Island is owned by the state of Florida and operated as the Cape St. George State Reserve by the Department of Environmental Protection.  This three square mile island was once part of its larger brother until the mid-1950s when the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers cut a permanent pass through the western end of St. George Island to assist vessel navigation. The island is the site of the area’s first two lighthouses, built in the early 1800s which were eventually destroyed by storms and erosion.   A third was constructed in 1852 where it stood until 2005 when the years of erosion toppled it also into the Gulf.   Pieces of the original lighthouse were recovered by area history enthusiasts and a replica of the original lighthouse was completed in 2006 where it stands today along with a museum depicting island history in the center of St. George Island. Learn more by clicking here.

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